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SUCCESS. We found records for Aircraft N-Number 602CZ.

The N-Number 602CZ is for an aircraft that is a Fixed wing multi engine airplane that takes off from Land and has 2 engines. It was built in year 2007.

We found that 602CZ identifies the airplane manufacturer as EMBRAER-EMPRESA BRASILEIRA DE and the model as ERJ 170-200 LR. Our N-NUMBER Decoder puts this 2007 EMBRAER-EMPRESA BRASILEIRA DE ERJ 170-200 LR aircraft into a weight classification of 20,000 pounds and over and lists it as having 80 seats.

The aircraft Transponder code is 51747367 and the serial number of the plane is 17000171 for this N-Number.

When it comes to the engine of the EMBRAER-EMPRESA BRASILEIRA DE ERJ 170-200 LR, our Airplane Decoder finds that the engine manufacturer is GE and that this plane used the engine model called CF34-8E5. The CF34-8E5 is a Turbo-fan engine that produces 0 HORSE POWER (or 14510 THRUST) giving this aircraft a top cruising speed of 0 MPH.

602CZ air-craft belongs to a Corporation company or person named DELTA AIR LINES INC and was certified by the FAA on 20091231 in ATLANTA, GA. The airplane became airworthy on 20070627 (yyyymmdd).

Further information for such aeroplanes, seaplanes, and airliners can be found on 602CZ at the FAA website:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about airplane 602CZ:

  • What is the engine of 602CZ? The 2007 EMBRAER-EMPRESA BRASILEIRA DE ERJ 170-200 LR has 2 GE CF34-8E5 engines.
  • Who is the owner of 602CZ? The owner of 602CZ is DELTA AIR LINES INC.
  • What is the aircraft Transponder code for 602CZ? The aircraft Transponder code for 602CZ is 51747367

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