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Success. We found Canadian Aircraft FXYL in the National Airplane Title Database. The FXYL is for a CAR Standard 507.02; 507.03 - Type Certificate of the Glider category and was manufactured by Schweizer Aircraft Corporation.

FXYL is a 01/01/1981 Schweizer SGS 1-36 (Glider) used for Private purposes. If it was imported into Canada, then the date of import would be listed 21/02/1990.

Our Aircraft decoder found that FXYL belongs to a  Schweizer SGS 1-36 with a serial number of 33 and engines made by the engine maker to be an engine-type of .

The number of seats on this aircraft was counted as seats so it can actually take off with 322 kilograms of weight.

The Canadian Aircraft mark (FXYL) was issued on 04/10/2002 and is effective from 04/10/2002 until given dates with a certificate of Certificate of Airworthiness (number: G5EA )

Schweizer Aircraft Corporation does not only assemble planes but also  manufactures them in U.S.A. for use in Ontario, CANADA

FXYL has its 'home' airport in London and is currently Registered with a status of A (A for active). The owner is a Individual with the name Michael Kappl and has a street address in Ontario, CANADA: 1033 Frank Ave, Windsor, N8S3P6.

  • What is the engine of FXYL? The DATE_BUILT Schweizer SGS 1-36 has engines.
  • Who is the owner of mark FXYL? The owner of mark number FXYL is Michael Kappl .
  • What is the aircraft Type for FXYL? The aircraft type for FXYL is CAR Standard 507.02; 507.03 - Type Certificate

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